Sustainability in Construction: Building a Greener Future with LEED and Beyond

Jun 26, 2023

In recent years, sustainability has become a central focus in various industries, and the construction sector is no exception. We recognize our clients may want to pursue projects with sustainable metrics. 

Jennifer Rappold, a LEED experienced project manager, shares how our team helps clients find ways to work sustainable goals into projects, if LEED is outside the project scope.

“If you want to find sustainable solutions for your project, we can help you do that,” Rappold said. “There are sustainable choices like installing LED light bulbs throughout a project or sourcing materials within a certain distance of a site to cut down on supply chain costs and support local businesses.”

With this mindset, we are able to tackle new projects with sustainable material selection, energy efficiency, and innovative strategies and technologies.

We have three team members who are LEED experienced, and our entire team sees the value of making sustainable construction choices available on any project we pursue. LEED, developed by the United States Green Building Council, is a widely recognized rating system for sustainable building design, construction, and operation. It provides us with a comprehensive framework for assessing a building’s environmental performance across six main categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources, Indoor Environment Quality, and Innovation. 

If a LEED certified building project isn’t something you want to pursue, Rappold said the Buffalo team can accommodate your company’s individual sustainability goals or needs. 

“Our clients are our partners, and we want to help them succeed in whatever they do,” Rappold said. “If LEED isn’t your thing, we will work on finding you a green alternative to asphalt or help you pursue vetting solar power. When we work on a project, we are in it with you from start to finish.”

Sustainability is no longer an optional consideration but a fundamental requirement in the construction industry. We vow to continue our commitment to sustainable practices alongside others in our industry. Reach out to our team so we can help you find sustainable options for your next project.