Why Design Build Delivery Works

Aug 24, 2023

We sat down with our CEO Jacy Daugherty to discuss the ins and outs of the design-build project delivery method and why it works well for owners and developers.

The project delivery method of design-build gives the owner of a potential construction project the ability to hire a general contractor as a turnkey provider for design and construction.

Jacy Daugherty

“Design-build projects are advantageous to owners in a lot of ways,” Daugherty said. “First it limits their exposure to gaps in the design that would later result in costyle change orders. It also allows a collaborative period during design, where contractors can make suggestions on constructability or cost.”

Daugherty also shared that design-build projects allow for fast-tracking the construction schedule by starting work as the design process allows. So ultimately, it saves time.

Our Experience 

The team at Buffalo Builders is full of experts who have completed design-build projects over a vast number of years.

“Design-build deliver leans into the core of what we aspire to do, and that is to build a future together,” Daugherty said. “We are committed to creatively building public and private teams to design and build projects that benefit our partners, the community at large, and our Buffalo herd.”

Buffalo Builders has experts in designing and constructing projects in industrial, logistics, multi-family, commercial, and public settings. Our project executives have led successful projects across multiple market sectors and geographic regions.