Into the Storm – The Buffalo Company Culture With Mike Gilbert

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Into the Storm - The Buffalo Company Culture The American Buffalo was first noted in North American in 1625 roaming the North American continent in huge herds that were crucial to the Native American way of life.  The buffalo nearly became extinct though aggressive hunting of the animal for it’s hide, horns and meat. The

Building Communities and Brighter Futures With Jeffrey Nickerson

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Building Communities and Brighter Futures with Jeffrey Nickerson In the heart of our construction company lies a story of resilience, determination, and triumph. Meet Jeffrey Nickerson, our dedicated Safety Director, whose journey from foster care to overseeing safety protocols is nothing short of inspirational. Despite a challenging start in life, Jeffrey has demonstrated a strong

Women in Construction with Sam Lassiter

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In 2023, there were 7.8 million people employed by the construction industry. Of that number, only 10.9% of them are women. Sam Lassiter is a young professional pioneering her way through the industry with her degree in Construction Management. Sam works as an Assistant Project Manager. Here at Buffalo Builders, we are proud to promote

Subcontractor Selection with Sheila Price

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As a general contractor, one of our primary goals is to establish strong relationships with subcontractors across all trades. The success of our projects depends on the level of trust and communication between the general contractor and its subcontractors. Buffalo Builders Project Manager Sheila Price leads the way on all preconstruction activities for our team.

Sustainability in Construction: Building a Greener Future with LEED and Beyond

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In recent years, sustainability has become a central focus in various industries, and the construction sector is no exception. We recognize our clients may want to pursue projects with sustainable metrics.                            Jennifer Rappold Jennifer Rappold, a LEED experienced project manager,

A Closer Look At Safety With Jeffrey Nickerson

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Safety is a paramount concern in the construction industry. At Buffalo Builders LLC, we are committed to creating a safe working environment for all our team members. In this blog, we are excited to share some important updates and initiatives that reflect our unwavering dedication to safety. Introducing Jeffrey Nickerson as the New Safety Manager

Celebrating the Life of Jamie Schneider

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It is with deep sadness that we at Buffalo Builders mourn the sudden and tragic loss of our Chief of Staff, Jamie Schneider. Jamie was a remarkable leader who brought passion, dedication and a unique perspective to our team.  Jamie had a special talent for bringing people together and inspiring us to think outside of

A Deep Dive into Bidding with Jacy Daugherty

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Bidding is a critical aspect of the construction business, and at Buffalo Builders, we consider it a cornerstone of our operations. We understand that every company has its unique way of bidding, and we approach each project bid with long-term partnership in mind. The bidding market is highly competitive and always changing, making it crucial

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