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Murphy Express Convenience & Gas

The large-format builds we’ve completed for Murphy Express have been ground-up constructions with many of the same features, along with a few extra amenities.  The 3,400-square-foot convenience stores were completed on a fast-track schedule: just 130 days from breaking ground to opening for business.

Our Murphy Express builds are centered on the construction of a freestanding convenience store, each complete with installation of two 25,000-gallon underground fuel storage tanks.  Each tank is set to a system of 8 Wayne Ovation multi-product gas pumps, and each pump dispenses products ranging from 0% to 85% ethanol.  The pumps are installed with controls and leak detection by Veeder-Root—an industry leader in safety.

With that same safety in mind, we installed a fueling canopy with bright LED overhead lighting.  These canopies are complete with:

  • Onsite storm drainage and stormwater retention systems to avoid flooding
  • Linear spread footings and a slab on grade pour, making for the most stable foundation
  • Load bearing structural brick, providing greater resistance to seismic activity, cracking or fire damage
  • Roof joist and deck system with ISO insulation and TPO roof, ensuring each building is as energy efficient as possible
  • Exterior Field EIFS panels, ensuring maximum energy efficiency
  • EIFS cornice prefinished metal parapet cap, prefinished ACM panels, and curtain wall glass storefront system, creating a uniform dynamic for the structure as a whole
  • ADA-accessible ramps and sidewalks, ensuring each customer is served to the fullest of their satisfaction
  • Fiberglass piping and dispenser sumps

Interior features include:

  • Installation of cooler and freezers with depressed slab for freezer, ensuring an efficient & safe working environment for all employees
  • Rooftop air conditioning units with interior exposed painted ductwork
  • Compass radiused suspended ceilings, providing a modern, clean look
  • Lighted ceiling clouds
  • Vinyl graphic wall coverings
  • Porcelain tile throughout
  • Working kitchen with grease interceptor
  • Manager’s office

The coordination of these builds was created with the owner’s vendors in mind, including casework, security, fuel deliveries, store product, and more.

Little Rock, AR site preparation included:

  • Demolition of existing auto maintenance facility and associated hazardous materials
  • Installation and maintenance of stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) best management practices
  • Import of 1200 yards of select material to construct building pad, parking and drives
  • Installation of yard paving, including curb and gutter, 5” concrete paving, 8” concrete paving and housekeeping pads for vending
  • Turnkey landscaping including sod, shrubs, mulch, trees, and automated irrigation system

Lafayette, LA site preparation included:

  • Undercut of unsuitable soils to 3 feet and replacement with lime-stabilized material
  • Overcame flooding in the area to make the 130 day schedule
  • Designed and reconstructed major intersection on which property was located, including traffic control, nighttime work, pavement milling pavement demolition, sawcutting, LADOTD paving, thermoplastic striping, storm drainage, curb and gutter, sidewalks, and landscaping
  • Coordination with highway department

Our 1200- and 1400-square-foot prefabricated building installations for Murphy USA and Express Convenience & Gas were completed on a fast-track schedule of 84 days.

Features include:

  • Installed on site cast drilled pier or spread footings
  • Turnkey installation of petroleum/fuel product distribution/dispensing system
  • Two 25,000-gallon underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • 8 Wayne Ovation multi product dispensers
  • Fuel dispensing from E0 to E85
  • Veeder Root controls and leak detection
  • Full fueling canopy lighted with LED and fully drained below grade to on-site storm drainage system and on-site stormwater retention
  • Installation of LED site lighting
  • Coordination of vendors, including casework, security, fuels deliveries, and store product

Houston and Odessa, TX & Batesville, AR projects included:

  • Raze and rebuild
  • Removal of existing convenience store and fuel dispensing items, including removal of existing USTs, fuel piping, dispensers and controls.
  • Provided required environmental permitting and monitoring
  • Remediated contaminated soils and tank pit water
  • Preparation and remediation of subgrade with lime stabilization undercutting and import of aggregate

Fort Worth, TX project included:

  • Installation of 30-foot drilled pier foundations for building and canopy
  • Lime stabilization of entire site
  • Third-party special inspections for city of Fort Worth

Freemont, NE & Brooklyn Park, MN projects included:

  • “Carve out” construction in parking lot of existing and operational Wal-Mart
  • Careful attention to ongoing operation of Wal-Mart store and traffic
  • Coordination with store manager
  • Completion by holiday blackout dates

Project Details


Ground-up construction; prefabricated building installation; turnkey installation of petroleum/fuel product distribution/dispensing system


Multiple sites nationwide




1,200 to 3,500 sq. ft.


84 to 130 days


$900,000 to $2 million


Lump Sum Contract – Hard Bid; Bid Build/Negotiated


8 to 10 fuel dispensers and up to 50,000-gallon capacity of underground fuel storage. Fuel tank and fueling dispenser installation, fuel leak detection and control, merchandising coordination, vendor coordination, compressed schedule.

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